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DISCOVER SEXY TRAP MANIA OF 2020: ‘Ministry of Sound’ Idol and now Trap legend, ‘Indian Trap’ follows his 250 Million streamed hits with raunchy super Trap hit with savage goddess ‘Priscilla Gypsxy’ on new single “CHINGONA (BAD B$TCH)”

Indian Trap is excited to reveal his latest single “CHINGONA (BAD B$TCH)” in collaboration with Priscilla Gypsxy. Indian Trap produced and co-wrote the anthem with Priscilla Gypsxy. The Mega producer linked with Priscilla Gypsxy to Read more…

DISCOVER THE RE-BIRTH OF INDEPENDENT ROCK: “There’s a Growing Trend” soars the touching, piercing and powerful voice of Indie maverick and strong songwriter ‘Bryan Mullis’ a.k.a ‘By Small Ruin’ on new single ‘Some People’

Musical maverick, strong melodic songwriter and real life storyteller Bryan Mullis is fresh out of the studio with another rocking Alternative Pop Rock single entitled ‘Some People’. The Radio friendly, uplifting, well written and produced Read more…

DISCOVER ROCK: He is more than a friend to me” says ‘Eddie Van Halen’ as his rocking buddy and Iron Maiden, Ozzy, AC/DC, Guns ‘N’ Roses and Alice in Chains band member ‘Dave LeDoux’ lets loose his powerful alternative rock pop release ‘Broken’

Struggle, confidence, motivation and performance are said to be the building blocks of an artist. Dave LeDoux is the name of those words. A struggling soul ever since his childhood, it is not exaggeration calling Read more…

DISCOVER LUXURY FEMTRAP HITS OF 2020: Welcome to the extraordinary world of ‘Ravoshia’ and her exotic, dark, empowering futuristic throbbing synthesiser Femtrap vibe on the world beating ‘Fashion Killa’– On The Rap Trap Radio playlist Now

Like a rocket shooting up high into space, the sensational artist Ravoshia which is pronounced ‘Raa-vash-shia’ is skyrocketing with her latest single Fashion Killa. It is launching into great heights with its new found regards Read more…

DISCOVER ROCK MUSIC VIDEO PREMIERES: Stadium sized rock pop production values and screeching driving sonic guitars, Bryan Mullis a.k.a ‘By Small Ruin’ is back as he delivers an intimate powerful rock story and music video with ‘My Angel”

The beautiful, melodic, heartfelt new stomping pop rock anthem from ‘By Small Ruin’ is entitled ‘My Angel’ By Small Ruin is an anagram for Bryan Mullis, keeping his music and lifestyle as true to self Read more…

DISCOVER THE BEST NEW COUNTRY ROCK: Top 200 International Country Artist and Top 40 iTunes Country Chart star ‘Matt Westin’ delivers a powerful, heartfelt, rocking and rolling country rock anthem trip back to your hell raising youth on ‘Hey Bro’

Hailing from Pittsburgh, PA, Matt Westin’s debut album, “Legacy” is dedicated to the memory of his late father. Matt gave up a promising career as an engineer to be a country musician and actor. Matt’s Read more…

DISCOVER NEW GLOBAL POP STARS: British actor turned pop singer ‘Alexander James Rodriguez’ writes and records warm, catchy, bouncy debut R&B Pop Gem ‘My Crew’ with Chris Brown, Jason Derula, Madison Beer, Kehlani, Kanye West and Madonna hitmakers during Covid-19

British actor turned pop singer Alexander James (AJ) Rodriguez has dropped his first single ‘My Crew’ produced by hit makers Laney Stewart, who has sold over 50 million records producing, writing, and publishing artists such Read more…

DISCOVER ALTERNATIVE SYNTH ROCK AND POP: WILDFURZ releases an energetic synth driven rock vibe with a ‘Visage’ meets ‘The Killers’ on holiday with ‘Ultravox’ and ‘Kings of Leon’ mood as he sets the ‘World on Fire’

Based out of Atlanta, GA Artist and Music Producer WILDFURZ has been making waves with his unique blend of Vibey Psychedelic and Infectious Electronic Music. Originating from San Juan, Puerto Rico WILDFURZ love of music Read more…

DISCOVER JUBILANT NEW POP DROPS OF 2020: ‘The Voice’ semi finalist ‘Zaxai’ releases a stylish, well produced, soulful, electronic lost love pop gem with his walking away anthem ‘Goodbye’ – On the Electro 24 Radio playlist now

‘Zaxai’ is an independent artist and former NBC “The Voice” Season 15 semi finalist. ‘Zaxai’ will be releasing 3 singles throughout the summer of 2020 and a full length album entitled “SON OF THE XROWN: Read more…

DISCOVER BEST NEW SOLO ARTISTS AND SONGWRITERS: Magical piano and rich emotional spine tingling strings with an adventurous video and glamorous 60’s pop sheen it’s the exquisite ‘Do What You Said You Wanted To’ from ‘Hannah Fairlight’

Nashville based artist Hannah Fairlight’s Muscle and Skin is out now at all digital outlets with a physical CD and vinyl coming later this year. The songs on Muscle and Skin dance between sassy retro Read more…

DISCOVER POP ROCK BALLADS OF ALL TIME: After supporting Lady Ga Ga, Akon and dropping tracks with lil’Jon, ‘Kristen Karma’ carries on her global success with her touching and universal piano and pop rock ballad ‘Dear John’

Toronto-based artist Kristen Karma has released a music video tribute to her father, “Dear John.” The single was released on October 19th 2019, Kristen’s birthday and continues to grow globally since it’s release. This song Read more…

TRAP RAP RADIO HIP-HOP, TRAP AND RAP: ‘Trendsetta’ wears ‘Gucci Flip Flops’ as he drops a sizzling hot and cool Rap Hip-Hop fusion on ‘Drake’ esque addictive single ‘Gucci Flip Flops’– On the Playlist Now

Trendsetta is a global music manager who works with numerous worldwide musical acts and artists including ZlittyZ and MCM Raymond who features on current trending single ‘Gucci Flip Flops’. Social media influencer Trendsetta has just Read more…

DISCOVER DANCE POP 80’S FUSIONS: Fading to Grey and back into Glory the 80’s return once again in the fused electro sound of ‘Cyber New Romantics’ N2BLÜ with their new cut ‘Electric Dreams’ – On the DISCOVER ELECTRO 24 Playlist now.

Modern Synth Pop and Dance outfit N2BLÜ follow up their previous big single ‘Better Now’ with a brand new single entitled ‘Electric Dreams’. Remember back in the 80s and 90s when the romantic comedies of Read more…

DISCOVER OUR NO 1 AMBIENT GLITCH-HOP OF 2020: With an epic end of the world vibe, ‘Mad Hop Vol. 9’ is a collection of cool glitchy cuts and dreamy universal soundscapes that gives aural aid and world therapy to followers across the globe.

Since 2009, when Mad-Hop started as the group, we’re constantly creating a meeting platform for creative artists from all over the world who are not afraid to experiment with music and image representing individuality Read more…

DISCOVER THE BEST NEW AFROBEAT POP: After judging on BBC1 show "All Together Now" alongside Geri Halliwell from the Spice Girls, ‘Carreira3’ release the beautiful, stylish modern African UK fused sounds of new drop Sorry’O.

Carreira3 returns to drop their latest captivating single ‘Sorry’O.’ The Afrobeat/pop features a unique production and mesmerizing vocal by the artists that will captivate any music fan. Every year has significant competition when it comes Read more…

DISCOVER THE WORLD’S HOTTEST FASTEST PIONEERS OF RAP IN 2020: ‘Angel Monroe’ is such a unique new Rap Trap Pop Star with a totally distinctive and inventive new sound on ‘Gone’ – On the Rap Trap 24 FM playlist Now

Angel Monroe celebrity cover model, actress and rapper has just released her latest single ‘Gone’. Angel Monroe remembers that Chris brown dispute when she was defending Chris Brown. Well it’s no doubt she’s got news of her Read more…

DISCOVER RAP TRAP 24 FM INTERNATIONAL HIP-HOP, TRAP AND RAP: The cool Sad Flex! label presents artist and creator ‘iLL $werve’ as he drops a well crafted, harmonious but darkly emotional E.P on Trap Rap Grime fusion ‘Swerve Now, Pay Later’

Los Angeles, California recording artist/Producer and mastermind behind the Sad Flex! label, iLL $werve is staying busy through these crazy times. With the COVID-19 pandemic forcing cancellations of tours for him and his label, he Read more…

DISCOVER THE ESSENTIAL GOSPEL STARS OF 2020: Gracing the global music world with his brand new single, Billboard Top 30 artist ‘Christopher Bender’ is back with an incredible, uplifting and gloriously heaven sent single entitled ‘Glad in it’.

Gracing the global music world with his brand new single, Billboard Top 30 artist Christopher Bender is back with an incredible, uplifting and gloriously heaven sent single entitled ‘Glad in it’. Born in Stoughton, Massachusetts Read more…

DISCOVER HEROES OF MUSIC, PEACE and EQUALITY 2020: ‘Etienne Stadwijk’ releases a huge touching jazz song that should be the new ‘We are The World’ as it meanders through a free world of jazzy pianos and BIG shiver inducing voices on “Then Why?!”

Keyboard Player and Producer Etienne Stadwijk Releases a Powerful Response to the Current Social Climate with new song and video “Then Why?!” Keyboard Player and producer Etienne Stadwijk has released a powerful and moving song Read more…

DISCOVER MEDITATIVE HOUSE MUSIC 2020: Inventive, spacey, trippy and minimal rhythmic is the name of the game with space house synth beat producer ‘ToMix’ and the tribal space trip ‘All I Want’

ToMix is already an essential part of the Bass House music scene. After he became a part of the Confession family (Tchami’s imprint) with his unique house music style. ToMix has been played by Read more…

DISCOVER SINGER/SONGWRITERS: Prolific ‘Beatles’ meets ‘ELO’ on holiday with ‘Alan Parsons’ esque songwriter ‘Roy Shakked’ to release his well crafted and classic sounding new E.P ‘I’m Telling Everyone’ on 6 July 2020

‘Roy Shakked’ releases beautiful, sublime, melodic and majestic new E.P ‘I’m Telling Everyone’ on 6 July 2020. Roy Shakked’s music career has taken many turns over the years. After graduating from college, he worked as Read more…