Save the Amazon Forests with CULTURA TRES who release their stunning new single “The Land”!

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On Friday, February 24th, metallers from CULTURA TRES released “The Land”, the third single from their upcoming album “Camino De Brujos” due for release on April 7th, 2023 via Outono Music/Universal Music in the Americas and Bloodblast in the rest of the world.

Alejandro Londono Montoya – Jerry Vergara Cevallos – Paulo Xisto Pinto Jr – Juan de Ferrari Montoya

“The Land” is a dense song, which addresses a heavy issue of extreme urgency and importance.

“For us the lyrics of ‘The Land’ are the most meaningful of the album, they strike a nerve in all of us as South American born musicians, as Venezuelans, Brazilians and Colombians. I can’t help but feel the frustration, the powerless feeling of seeing our Amazon forest being eaten alive by corporate interests (…) We are part of this problem, we are part of a society that directly or indirectly endorse atrocities against mother nature and against indigenous people.” comments vocalist Alejandro Montoya.


The track also features a music video with cinematic images that masterfully makes us feel the overload of anger and sadness at seeing countless corporations, governments and looters together acting as an evil front that our ‘Amazonas’ have no defense from.

By addressing a topic like this, the single is able to make the public reflect on this problem, on what could be done to prevent the destruction of forests, tribes and biodiversity in order to preserve the largest tropical forest on the planet. Alejandro says: “(…) this happens in our backyard. In the south of Venezuela, in the north of Brazil, in the southeast of Colombia. The worst part is to realize that this horror story doesn’t play in a far away world where the good and the bad guys are easily identifiable… Sadly, we as society in 2023 don’t seem to differ a lot from the “bad people” in our History books.”

Musically speaking, when listening to the song for the first time, the first impression is dark but as the bass-line becomes clear you find yourself in a 70’s psychedelic rock feel, the climax of this intro builds slowly and it results on a powerful drum beat filled with toms and a heavy open guitar riff. The music is as dense and heavy as the subject of its lyrics. It goes through atmospheres of dark rock and sections where Slash-like solos catch the attention of the listener. Paulo, who besides bringing his SEPULTURA trademark sound also explores beyond it, lots of 70’s inspired bass lines with plenty of dynamics that can be heard in his playing during this song.

More about “Camino De Brujos”:

In the studio the band explored new ideas and found a musical common ground. The resulting style retained elements of the psychedelic-sludgy past, but incorporated the groove of a more metal oriented vibe that Paulo brought in with his SEPULTURA influence.

So, how should South American heavy music sound like nowadays? The answer is easy – just listen to “Camino De Brujos”, an album which explores both new and old musical textures. The power of thrash metal meets the eeriness of sludge and the melancholic feel of classic rock.

“The album title ‘Camino de Brujos’ can be roughly translated as ‘Trail of Witches’. Do you remember the little story about letting your subconscious make artistic choices? Well this is one of the best examples, ‘Camino de Brujos’ is the main line sang on top of a nasty slow riff, the song is filled with tribal ritual percussion, typical from south America’s black magic practices. The phrase didn’t only end up being the only lyrics sang on the song but it also gave the name and identity to the album”, explains Alejandro Londono Montoya.

“Camino De Brujos” will be released as vinyl, CD, cassette, and digital. Pre-order you copy now HERE
Pre-save the album HERE

“Camino De Brujos” track listing reads as follows:

1. The World and Its Lies
2. Time Is Up
3. Signs
4. The Land
5. Proxy War
6. 19 Horas
7. Zombies
8. De Maracay
9. The Smell of Death
10. Camino de Brujos

“Camino De Brujos” was recorded by Juan M. De Ferrari Montoya & Alonso Milano Mendoza at AJM Sound Studios, Amsterdam (NL) and at Reborn Studios, Artesa de Segre (SP). Alejandro Londono Montoya took care of the mixing and the mastering at AJM Sound Studios in Amsterdam.
The artwork was made by Damian Michaels.


Alejandro Londono Montoya – guitar, vocals
Paulo Xisto Pinto Jr – bass
Juan M de Ferrari Montoya – guitar
Jerry Vergara Cevallos – drums


Outono Music: