Eclectic Duo &? Unleash Provocative Soundscape in Latest EP Drop ‘MK 2’

Published by Discover Media Digital on

&? (pronounced ‘and what’) drop their sophomore EP on their And What World Wide imprint.

The eclectic duo push a sound as provocative as their name suggests, and are more unabashed than ever on their latest release. Unafraid to transcend genre distinctions and instead directing their focus to any particular sound they desire, they deliver four cuts borrowing from dubstep, techno, electro, and so much more on MK 2 EP.

Not Tom Sharp opens the release with reverb drenched plucks and juicy wonked-out ear candy, before introducing a warm and warped bassline and spaced-out dubstep drums in a genre-bending display of &?’s diverse capabilities. Afters, chilled out sunny days, or inspired moments of calm on the dance floor – all perfect times for this cerebral spine-tingler.

The relentless and progressive techno belter Virus F82 follows. A chromatic sequenced bassline mirrors pulsating synth chords underpinned by crisp drums and haunting effects, building tension as the track progresses before a moment of release as the track is gradually deconstructed throughout an extended outro.

Next up is dark and brooding 140s stomper Slowed Down Version of a Slowed Down Version. Larger than life drums are paired with equally imposing orchestral brass stabs and a sublow bassline. A switch to a grotesque reese bass in the second drop establishes this track as equally dramatic and cinematic.

Closing the EP with dirty fusion chugger Lost Child Error 404, &? deliver a seamless blend of electro and dubstep. Downtempo halftime drums and a mighty fuzzed-out bassline accompany a dystopian arpeggiated synth line, showcasing &?’s ability to produce cuts designed for use on and away from the dancefloor.