Afrobeats artist ‘Baba Kuboye’ releases debut album ‘From Ikoyi With Horns’ featuring popular TIKtok song ‘Kalakuta Girl’.

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The debut album releases his first project from “Ikoyi with Horns” LP which includes popular TIKTok song “Kalakuta Girl”.

Afrobeats artist, Baba Kuboye releases his 2nd studio album,  “From Ikoyi with Horns” via all streaming platforms on July 18th. The Dallas based artist provides good vibes and a socially conscious voice through his music.

Baba Kuboye’s earliest musical influence came from growing up at the renowned Jazz 38 club Lagos Nigeria, with his parents. He is the son of jazz legends, Fran & Tunde Kuboye, and grandnephew of the late Afrobeat King, Fela Anikulapo-Kuti. 

With over 300,000 views on youtube and over 24.3k likes to his sound on Tiktok, BABA’S music gets fans dancing. This marks his third album of the rising afrobeats artist. He provides fans with a smooth delivery and communicates with his chilled and laid-back flow. A keen and conscious storyteller with an insightful perspective on life in the third world, Baba shows a sharp sense of lyrical purpose. 

His latest single, Kalakuta Girl  is currently trending in Australia. Utilizing his talent of playing the saxophone during live musical performances and creating a popular dance challenge going viral on tiktok, he aims to provide a classy but fun vibe for listeners to dance to in the club. 

Baba is currently planning and creating a unique platform to shine light on the rising afrobeat scene here in Texas with an upcoming show entitled Summer Heat and Afrobeats.


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