‘Jealous’ is the hot new single from ‘Deja Renee’

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‘Jealous’ is the new single from ‘Deja Renee’. Deja Renee wrote this single when a friend of hers was discussing how toxic her relationship was because of the amount of jealousy they dealt with within the relationship. She started realizing how much jealousy was forming in her own relationship. She felt like she needed an outlet so she decided to create a song about it! This is where “Jealous” was formed.

Deja Renee is a Leo from Vista, CA. Music has always been in her blood. She searched and tried to find something more practical for a living, there’s literally nothing else she’d rather do than sing. She was in band in middle school and high school, marching band and choir in high school. Deja got her associates degree in music performance for classical voice, and was also in the vocal jazz ensemble.

Deja Renee says “What’s next to come: just pushing more music out this year and landing with a label that fits me best”.




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