Putting the Heart & Soul Back into Soul Music, One Teardrop at a Time, ‘Diane Hall’ releases ‘Bring Back The Love’ E.P.

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London neo soul singer and songwriter Diane Hall has just released a soul-stirring 5-Song EP, Bring Back The Love. It’s emotionally raw, unashamedly vulnerable and deeply soulful.  Available exclusively from her online store, the EP is currently available in MP3 download format, with CDs and vinyl coming soon. Watch this space..

The connection between music and emotional and mental well-being has long been recognised. It’s nothing new. Most of us understand at least on some level that the style of music we listen to can have a profound impact on our state of mind. You can almost see within society – a mirroring between the kind of music we’re listening to and the general mood within the collective. Diane Hall, a soul singer and songwriter believes humanity is long overdue for a soul revival!

There’s a deep soulfulness in Diane’s mellow acoustic neo-soul offerings that stirs the heart and makes those tiny hairs stand on end. There’s something in the evocative, minimalist piano arrangements of virtuosic pianist David Gordon that brings back memories of simpler and more emotionally stripped-back times. There’s a vulnerability in Diane’s voice and lyrics that seem almost scary at times, whilst also being weirdly refreshing in these days of toughing it out and denouncing fragility as a weakness.

Diane has lots to say on this subject,

“I think there’s a lot of shaming around being sensitive. We’re always told we’re “too” sensitive. Why does no one ever get told they’re “too” hard-nosed? We get rewarded for being able to stuff our feelings down and play the game well. Sometimes I think we’re all just a bit tired of our stupid stiff upper lips. Sometimes we just need a big cry and a cuddle.”

When I wrote Bring Back The Love, it wasn’t only about one single experience of personal loss. It was a cry from the heart for all of humanity to bring back the love – into our lives, our homes, our music. I don’t mean just loving everyone, without discernment, in a way that could put you in danger – some people are not that easy to love. It’s a wider statement of principle in the way we treat each other when we have a choice to be kind and fair. It’s also about being kinder to ourselves.  Allowing ourselves to be human and frail and imperfect. It’s just about being in touch with our hearts again, for better or worse.

You turn up at work quickly after some traumatic event and everyone thinks you’re a hero instead of telling you to go home and cry for a couple of weeks. Let it all out. We’re expected to just push it all down with a tub of ice cream. I think a lot of people need to cry these days, but it’s all just hanging in the collective air. That’s why the video for Bring Back the Love is just a collection of different shots of falling rain. Just the sky crying itself out. Pathetic fallacy. Just let the world cry already. We might fight less. Cry, let it out and grow from it.

Diane’s EP, also titled, Bring Back The Love is available exclusively from her online store. It’s currently available in MP3 download format. CDs and vinyl coming soon.


Store: https://www.dianehallshop.com/

Website: https://dianehallmusic.com/

Video Link: https://youtu.be/7o7fW52Vxgc