L-OH-L drops “Run It Back” dedicated to his spiritual revival in strength through his faith.

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L-OH-L releases Christian Hip-Hop song “Run It Back” a tribute to his becoming of his pure devotion to God. The Louisiana born and raised rapper, L-OH-L, has been a major influence to his peers and his fan base, serving as the prime example of a “saved” rapper/ veteran/ gang member. Through his great tenacity, the Hip Hop artist has endured and overcome hardships both physically and mentally in the face of war as a veteran, and street hustler as a former gang member.

Through his faith L-OH-L has surmounted crashing waves in the darkest depths of his mind; he continues to rise up and by serving as a minister and artist in his forever paying it forward debt to his savior, God. Delivering his heavy beats and hard rhymes the “Run It Back” rapper will lure you into his world to see with eyes unclouded; God loves gangster, too.

Hoping to get more people off the streets by combining his old school lyrical content with new heavy sounds in “Run It Back”, L-OH-L has been phenomenally instrumental in captivating the listener throughout his track. L-OH-L currently is a minister at Convicted to Conquer Ministries where he
shares the gospel with inmates and performs concerts telling his story and sharing the will of his faith.
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“Keep God first. It’s really that simple. Keep grinding and ignore the haters.” – L-OH-L



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