Joseph Rutakangwa Unveils Emotional Odyssey in Latest Single ‘Please God’

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“Please God” emerges as the latest single from the talented Joseph Rutakangwa, an LA-based artist already celebrated for hits like “Avani” and “I Am Meant for You,” with over a million Spotify streams. In this track, Joseph candidly exposes the struggles and pressures that have relentlessly shaped his journey. The song serves as a raw expression, reflecting the constant battle against the tide, the elusive nature of dreams slipping away each day, and the quiet desperation of witnessing time slip by. Rutakangwa delves into the relentless pursuit of success in a world where plans seem to unravel, exploring financial burdens, the yearning for a breakthrough, and the existential question of whether a higher force is attuned to our pleas.

LA-based artist Joseph Rutakangwa, known for his diverse musical palette, steps into the hip-hop and pop rap realm with “Please God.” With a musical journey already marked by achievements, this single showcases a significant evolution for Rutakangwa, intertwining themes of ambition and resilience. The fusion of hip-hop beats and pop rap’s melodic sensibility makes “Please God” an ideal addition to any platform.

Joseph Rutakangwa, hailing from the vibrant heart of Los Angeles, introduces himself as an artist deeply connected to the transformative power of music. From soulful 20th-century rock and Afropop to the emotional nuances of Indie folk and the rhythmic pulse of Latin vibes, Rutakangwa embraces a diverse range of genres. His musical inclination leans toward simplicity, purity, and authenticity, with a fondness for tunes featuring a piano, acoustic guitar, and bass.

The decision to share his sound with the world came into sharper focus during the tumultuous times of the 2020 pandemic. The fragility of life and the realization that waiting might mean never realizing his dreams prompted Rutakangwa to dive headfirst into his passion. Releasing his essence in tracks during the summer of that year, he embarked on a magical journey that surpassed his wildest expectations. As Rutakangwa stands on the threshold of his musical career, the anticipation of what the future holds electrifies him.

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