MadTragic: A Decade of Music Production and the Quest for Authenticity

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MadTragic is an ambitious project aimed at infusing pop music with profound depth while championing mental health awareness.

Zach, the mastermind behind MadTragic, boasts a decade-long journey in music production. While his early years were steeped in the extreme metal scene, where he fronted bands like Building the Architect and Monogamizer, his musical direction took a turn when he embraced the world of alternative rap-pop as MadTragic over the last two years. Prior to this, Zach ventured into the singer-songwriter realm with Casual Ammo, a project that eventually metamorphosed into what we know today as MadTragic.

The latest offering from MadTragic is ‘Break More’, an unconventional 18-minute freestyle. Despite its length, Zach describes it as an exhilarating experience he couldn’t bear to shorten. The track features a captivating beat, which originally spanned 18 minutes before any vocals were added, serving as a unique platform to test Zach’s improvisational prowess. While many of his beats are lengthy, they often undergo significant trimming before final vocal mixes are settled upon. Fans can anticipate the release of MadTragic’s second album in June 2024, alongside the recent drop of a new single and music video titled ‘Holographic Life’.

A significant pillar of Zach’s success lies in the unwavering support and confidence of his friends. They serve as a constant source of motivation, especially during moments when doubt creeps in, reminding him of his worth and the value of his work.

In a world that may often feel indifferent or chaotic, Zach sends a powerful message: Everyone matters, and each individual possesses the potential to reshape their reality according to their desires.