Rising singer-songwriter and rapper Anthiny King releases new single ‘No Matter’

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Rising singer-songwriter and rapper Anthiny King is ready to show the world exactly what he brings to the table. Anthiny pens lyrics from personal experience and life stories of the ones around him, which has led to great respect from independent and industry artists alike. His perspectives on love, heartbreak, friendship and life’s struggles brings a realism and relatability to the listener. His intentions are for you to get lost in the music; not just from the words being said, but from the feelings it invokes.

This skill has grown to the point he has been dubbed, “The Hook Whisperer” where he can write any hook to any track, about any subject. His songwriting has been prominent on many projects, whether featured on a song, or working behind the scenes. He has worked with Sean C & LV, Fabolous, Jadakiss, Bun B, Jae Millz, Wyclef Jean, Chris Rivers, Oswin Benjamin, Loaded Lux, Gwen Bunn and many other industry and independent artists to help them achieve the perfect vibe and/or sound for a record.

Now, the New York City native is about to show another side to his traditional Hip Hop/R&B releases, with his new dance/house single, “No Matter”. Anthiny wanted to compose a track that has good vibes while making you want to dance. With all the negativity and ill-will in the world today, he wanted something universal that everyone, young and old, could enjoy and feel. From a relaxing drive, a night on the town, or to a backyard cookout with family/friends, this song is guaranteed to be on everyone’s summertime playlist.

“My intent is to always leave a lasting impression. When someone listens to your music, they are giving you minutes of their time that they can never get back. It is my responsibility to make that time worth it.”

“No Matter” (Produced by Emmy-nominated musician Rod The Producer) is available now on all digital streaming platforms.


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