‘Our War and How We Won It’ is the new album from ‘Marsy Mars’.

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‘Our War and How We Won It’ is the new album from ‘Marsy Mars’.

Our War and How We Won It, his third and latest album, is a narrative-driven work; Mars’ music has been described in general as being like ‘a Dostoyevsky novel you can dance to’, and this record most epitomises that aphorism. It’s the tale of a tumultuous family unit during and after their rise to riches, and about one child in particular who defies the precedent around them and becomes a very different kind of person to those who raised him. This ‘domestic epic’ about the pains of loss and gain, and how a powerful spirit of goodness is formed in people, chimes in with Mars’ common themes of changing one’s stars and the longing for community.

Marsy Mars is a composer and musician from London. He operates by a code of anonymity. Except where credited he composes, performs and produces everything on his records.

Mars is the coiner of a style of music known as ‘Baroque-Hop’, which itself is based on a compositional style known as ‘counterpoint’. Formerly the preserve of the old masters of European art music, music made by counterpoint (or ‘contrapuntal music’) is formed by a number of intersecting lines instead of being composed of one primary line of interest and then a bunch of supporting elements. Alone those individual lines have their own discrete value; together they make something altogether more intense, beautiful and interesting.

Supply that counterpoint with Latin American rhythms, the lyrical thoroughness of hip-hop, and assured pop instincts (as well as a willingness to go way out there), and you have Baroque-Hop. That’s Marsy Mars.


Soundcloud – https://soundcloud.com/marsy_mars
Youtube – https://youtu.be/vVAFWbA4Wog
Twitter – https://twitter.com/Marsy__Mars