New single ‘No Pressure’ from Boise Idaho rapper ‘J $teeze’ is out now

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Boise Idaho based 20 year old artist ‘J $teeze’ has been rapping since he was 11-12, but has been recording for 3-4 years. His new single is entitled ‘No Pressure’.

He says “I’m just now starting to enjoy the music I put out more than I use to. I recorded this joint in a empty room in my apartment and it took probably 30 min to put this song out. I’ve always had a soft spot for music, I can’t go a single day without listening to music or doing something related to music. The song “No Pressure” is almost self explanatory by the title but when you hear me rap I’m not talking about being pressured into Anything, the flow just came out so naturally and I was not pressured at all into making a song that I liked, and I’m usually pressured to one-up everything I do. Hopefully it’ll inspire other young artists into doing whatever they love”