‘MasonRoseGray’ is a singer/songwriter based in Florida who releases new single ‘Eternity’

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MasonRoseGray is a singer/songwriter based in Florida. Creating music with the sole intention of shining light into the dark and exposing the truth, her sound blends indie and blues with honest and raw lyrics, unlocking a whole new world; the good, the bad, the ugly. Gray evokes a unique and infectious sound.

Her latest single, Eternity was untimely written to encompass the beautiful love between ego and soul, man and God. It’s about a sacred angel overlooking a poor, wounded man. Sent to set him free from his sins, providing him with the comfort and redemption he yearns to have due to the burden of the tortured mind. The soul is a representation of purity, sweeping in to rescue and provide the ego forgiveness as they are meant to live eternally together. 

Eternity is intended to move you, pull at your heart strings, and plug you into a deeper inner emotion state, tuning you into a more spiritual corridor. The slow melodic melody puts you in a peaceful trance, gliding you on a dreamy angelic journey. Eternity represents a safe haven, a metaphor for Heaven. A representation of releasing your worries and burdens that tie you down and opening up your heart, which is the key to genuine connection.

MasonRoseGray exudes a passionate, haunting melody with deep husky whispering vocals. This song truly captivates your heart and soul and transports you to a place that is both holy, heavenly and extremely spiritual. Reminding us that life isn’t always easy, but it is moments like this that pause your existence and place you in a pure state of serenity. Providing us with the answer of why we are put on this earth.  

Eternity takes you on a spiral staircase of emotion from the depths of hell to the divinity of heaven above. Setting their poor tortured mind free from the pain and suffering they have endured for so long and rediscovering who they truly are. Listening to this song takes you on a journey of love and redemption, one that is mystifying and divine.