“Make Love, Not War,” from ‘DJ Industrial Badger’ is a song to echo support for and solidarity with the people of Ukraine.

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In the 1960s, as the war in Vietnam raged, America was filled with a call for a peaceful alternative to the chaos and tragedy; “Make Love, Not War.” Today, that phrase is gaining a fresh breath of life in the form of a new song by veteran music remixer DJ Industrial Badger, appropriately titled “Make Love, Not War,” a song to echo support for and solidarity with the people of Ukraine. Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/industrial-badger

Inspired by the tragic events happening in Ukraine, the song not only reflects support but is also a powerful call to action. “The issue is complex, but the message from the people of Ukraine is clear,” says DJ Industrial Badger. “The brave Ukrainian people want their freedom. I hope this song inspires the world to do more to support the millions fighting for their homeland.”

Throughout history, music has always been a snapshot of time and events. The world in the 2020s is incredibly complex and more divisive than ever, and people want to be heard and seen, and the tremendous advances in technology continue to give a voice to many. However, it sometimes feels like we want to be heard so badly that we sometimes forget to sit back and listen. With “Make Love, Not War,” Badger has created a dynamic anthem of hope and solidarity for all and, hopefully, inspiring people to continue fighting for peace, honor, and freedom.

DJ Industrial Badger from Columbus, Ohio is a veteran House, Disco, Dance, EDM, Gothic, and Alternative DJ and remixer. He emerged as a club DJ in the late 80s and today is an activist promoting social justice and reform through the power of music. Badger has led social justice and activism events in the Columbus, Ohio, area, including the 2018 Pride protest and dance party against Vice President Mike Pence, and the inaugural Franklinton Pride Festival in 2021, which took place in the artistic Columbus district of Franklinton. Additionally, DJ Industrial Badger worked extensively with IHEARTRADIO to do live streams during the COVID pandemic to help raise funds for local entertainers and service industry workers.