GEOMIKE122 releases new project ‘MICHAEL CIOLINO’

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We can’t help but love an artist who is unique, and who succeeds in painting a visceral, fascinating picture with the help of his art. Such is the case of artist Geomike122, and his latest hit album “Michael Ciolino”. Although the album is said to have been inspired by heartbreak (as most great pieces of art are), “Michael Ciolino” has a remarkably upbeat, and happy dance rhythm, that reminds one of musical greats like Madonna, Cher, and Kylie Minogue. Bringing to his music the same power of turning suffering to memorable, fun music, Geomike122 draws on his varied background to create one of the most exciting albums of the 21st century.

As a gay, non-binary artist of mixed descent (Napoletano, Sicilian, Meditarreanan, and Scottish being only a few of his genealogic lines), Geomike 122 brings something universal to his tracks, which makes him well-loved across the globe. A strong musician, but also a keen visual artist, Geomike122 has a skill for compelling his audience, and creating a universe you just don’t wanna leave.

As soon as the beats of that first track, “Tiempo”, hit you, you know you’re hooked on this fascinating musical offering that is “Michael Ciolino”. His voice is very rich, and full of exotic influences, blending together all your favorite artists (and his) to create something surprising and unique. Geomike122 is sure to be the artist you love to love this year, which is why you should check out “Michael Ciolino” on streaming platforms today.

“Michale Ciolino”, much like the artist behind it, touches upon a wide range of emotions, offering a varied, and innovative take on what it means to be human. Discussing, in his music, universal topics of both great sadness and joy, Geomike122 mesmerizes his audience.

There is also an experimental element to Geomike122’s music, which the artist attributes to his ADD diagnosis, since that allows him to be more aware of things others are not, such as sounds, patterns, but also emotions. “Michael Ciolino” is set to be the beginning of a beautiful.