Florida rapper ‘Rockstar Yogie’ released single “Alter Egø” to debut in upcoming album “Nevermind to the nights up till 3”.

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Florida rapper, Rockstar Yogie released single “Alter Egø” to debut in upcoming album “Nevermind to the nights up till 3”.

Rockstar Yogie, a rapper of Puerto Rican descent, combines a profusion of trap, screamo, and hip hop genres to create his very much own style in “Alter Egø.” Influenced by his past relationship and a depressive downfall, in four minutes Rockstar Yogie will have you feeling deep into his emotional rollercoaster, in a twisted beat with plenty of head banging while jamming out to “Alter Egø.” With NFT’s in the making for his upcoming album “Nevermind to the nights up till 3” (NTTNUT3) Rockstar Yogie will continue to integrate different styles of genres with an influence on screamo in his music for his heavy screamo rap supporters. He continues to utilize his skills in mixing music for not only himself but his fellow artist friends also pursuing music careers. Rockstar Yogie’s musical Influences include a mix of well-known artists such as Disturbed, System of a Down, Scarlxrd, XXXTENTACION, Lil Peep, and JuiceWRLD.

Notable Mentions: Rockstar Yogie has been performing for three years with the likes of Ivan L Rhymes Well. Contributing to Rockstar’s upcoming album is Supahaze lil perm the lil pimp, KT King Genius, and Malcolm rose.

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