“Even before the Corona crisis, I realized how blatantly everyone lives in their own bubble!” says Germany’s ‘Chris Flyke’ as he drops stunning new album ‘Digital Bubblegum’

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Germany’s CHRIS FLYKE suprised the Indie-Pop Scene in Summer with his superb Synth-Pop Timetravel Single DELOREAN OVERDRIVE.

Now he is stepping up and pulling out all the stops: With his 15-song masterpiece album DIGITAL BUBBLEGUM, he created a fantastic ride through the world of Funk-Indie-Pop that is really worth listening!

“Even before the Corona crisis, I realized how blatantly everyone lives in their own bubble!”, Chris says. ” The album also deals with this topic far away from the crisis. And when the lockdown came, I got the best out of my own bubble! I always wanted to create music, that combines elements from the 80s and 90s in a contemporary way!”

In the time before this project, Chris produced other artists from talent shows like “THE VOICE OF GERMANY“ or a couple of German-speaking acts, but this time he wanted to create something very personal that speaks from his heart and comes from a style that influenced him most as a teenager – the NEW WAVE era from the beginning of the 80s!
He formed a new band with great German musicians like Julian Neumann (the guitarist of Zoe Wees), Kai Weidle (the Drummer of Hamburg’s LION KING) and the funk bass player Björn Kröger (Willow Parlow) and made a fresh start into something new.

With all these influences, Chris constructed a fabulous journey through the world of nostalgica, without losing the balance to the current sound of the 2020s.With the first notes of the album’s intro („Digintrotruction“) you realize that you can lean back and embark on this voyage. The furious title song blows you away and leads you on to the concise chorus of the awesome third Song (“Delorean Overdrive“).

The Songs encourage to appreciate the moment („Tomorrow Fades Away“ / Unpredictable World“) but go also deep in socially critical issues („Anyone Awake“ / „Elephant in the Room“) and the wonderful thing is – you never get bored!

Chris put a lot of emphasis on the music videos during the creation phase and there are great videos for most of the songs, which you should see on his YouTube channel!

Of course, the title song was also filmed, where you can see Chris and his band flying around the earth in a spaceship!