Braving the dangerous lifestyle of the streets, BIG PERRO found purpose through his music and releases ‘Gods Winner’

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Braving the dangerous lifestyle of the streets, BIG PERRO found purpose through his music.

Born in Miami, Florida, Stewart Herrera Ramirez lived a life in the streets beside his brother, Sir Duke who is currently serving a life sentence behind bars. Stewart, under his alias BIG PERRO, rapped with his brother but now carries their legacy on his shoulders while building his buzz in the industry. Listening to legends like Tupac, Wu-Tang Clan, Snoop Dogg, and Biggie Smalls he adapted his style to embody Gangsta Rap.

BIG PERRO’s fame as an artist grew, opening for major events like Roy Jones Jr’s fight in St Pete’s Times Forum on HBO. Dedicated and consistent, he eventually connected with Cypress Hill OG and Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Legend, Ulpiano Reyes Aka. Mellow Man Ace and his younger brother, Anthony Reyes. Reyes’ testimony about creating the special group, Angelic Riders to spread the message of Christ after God saved his life after dying twice, inspired a change in BIG PERRO.

BIG PERRO channeled his own supernatural experiences with God through his music to create Gangsta Gospel to bring more people into the light and truth of Jesus Christ. With his bilingual versatility to create music in Spanish and English, he has been touching souls worldwide. His latest single, “Gods Winner” released on October 22nd, is an Urban Pop Hip/Hop rap single that encourages audiences to never give up on their salvation even if they lived a negative past. The track is an inspiration to make the daily choice to embrace God’s blessings rather than give into the temptations of the Devil’s curse.

Along with pushing his career, BIG PERRO currently oversees his company, “Thug World Order Productions.” Follow the Gangsta Gospel rapper and check out his merch, music, and NFT’s.

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