‘Adolfo Troncoso’ releases stunning new album ‘Recuerdos’

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It is not often that an artist comes out with an album so emotional and personal that it can overtake anyone who hears it, and yet Adolfo Troncoso has managed to do exactly that with his debut album. While this is the first album of the artist under his own name, his career in music started years ago. After he came to the United States from Mexico to study at UTD, he decided to pursue music and became the Director of the Hispanic division for TM Century in Dallas. During his time there he got to create Spanish jingles for the Latin market in one of the largest sound companies in the world. He later started his own company AT Productions which was dedicated to producing radio and television commercials, tv shows, infomercials, and tunes.

After years of producing jingles and tunes, he is now embarking on a new journey as he has put out his first studio album. The songs in the album are all emotional and they are reminiscent of old-school beautiful Latin tunes. His songs examine different human relationships and can often have fun elements to them. The song Lei Tu Mano from his album describes the story of a man who teaches a girl he likes how to read a palm. After she reads his palm, she realizes that they are meant to be together and so they proceed to become a couple. The song is very cheeky and the guitar tune and riffs add to the playful manner of the song. Other songs, such as Recuerdos can be more emotional as it describes the memories of a love story that is now long lost. The entire album can be a great journey through different stories and tunes that will make you enjoy the party.