22-year-old recording artist ‘Hannah Gold’ is excited to release her debut single ‘Run Away’.

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22-year-old recording artist Hannah Gold is excited to release her debut single Run Away. The talented artist is combining her love for Pop and R&B, along with her skills as a vocalist, songwriter, and producer, to create a unique sonic experience for listeners.

Run Away is an uplifting song that showcases Hannah’s pure-tone atop a modern R&B inspired production that will have you singing along and feeling the groove in no time. The inspirational message of the song encourages listeners to stay true to their authentic selves and not let others makes them feel any less than who they are.

Hannah shares, “ I want my listeners not to be afraid of the unknown and to risk it all for what they truly want. I hope it inspires them to want to Run Away and consider the possibility of following their hearts, dreams, and pursuits.”

Accompanying the single is a stunning visual that brings to life the song in cinematic way.

Run Away is available on all streaming platforms.



Stream – https://hannahgold.hearnow.com