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Europe 1 FM Digital are pleased to announce that the new single ‘Subtonic Dream’ from ‘Stronie’ has been placed on the A-List. listen out for this hot new single that’ll be played at least once every hour all day and night on our new music playlist.


Europe 1 FM Digital is pleased to announce that the hot new single ‘Hot One’ from Dubai based Moroccan rapper ‘Don Afric’ is now on the daily playlist. Listen out for it on the daily playlist + as a special powerplay daily for a month at 3:30 PM GMT Time.

Oussama ESSEDDYQ (born 5 November 1989), known professionally as Don Afric, is a Moroccan rapper, singer and songwriter from Tangier. His brand new single is entitled ‘Hot One’.

He’s known for his album Yellow Pages. Don Afric sings in 5 languages English, Arabic, French, Spanish & Dutch. He learned most of languages thru music.  Don Afric has been also part of the film industry where he worked on a few movies such as Spectre (James bond) & War Machine (with Brad Pitt).

Although Tangier is his home town, Don Afric is spending most of his recent years in Dubai. For Don Afric, music was the meaning of a life he’s been pursuing for as long as he remembers, music was the sound that kept him going during his good and tough times.


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We are very happy to announce that Ailee, the K-Pop diva will be talking about her highly anticipated forthcoming XR Concert on our station everyday leading up to the concert at 9 PM GMT time.

Listen out for full concert details from Ailee herself and info about how to get tickets to this fantastic out of this VR world event. The event will take place on NOVEMBER 12TH at 9PM (KST) and tickets can be bought from Interpark

Ailee, the undisputed K-Pop queen, will eventually present an XR concert, showcasing the opportunity to experience Ailee’s music using cutting-edge augmented reality techniques.

Message from : Ailee


K-POP DIVA QUEEN AILEE’S XR Metaverse Concert Live on NOVEMBER 12TH 9PM (KST). Get your ticket from Interpark and you can check detail at AILEE.K-POPAVENUE.COM and join free ticket giveaway event !

For Aileeans to engage with the model, Ailee’s online performance is being set up as a metaverse concert. Ailee and Aileeans will pave the way to the Music Universe with a spectacular metaverse experience that combines the XR effect across the entire event.

The extended reality (XR) technology employed in this performance creates a vibrant and varied visual display that will give supporters the impression that they are seated in the front rows of the event. Augmented, virtual, and mixed realities are combined to form XR. Additionally, numerous kinds of incentives are available according to the pledge size.

The Aileean Digital ID Card, which features 1,024 versions of Ailee from the Multi Universe, will be given to all supporters who supported the project on Kickstarter. Aileeans have embarked on a mission to help Ailee restore the faded hues of the ruined landscape of the cosmos as a consequence of an ecological catastrophe. Twelve lights and colors representing XR phases will be shown if every task succeeds. Furthermore, Aileeans who already have earned a Digital ID Card are eligible to participate in the concert’s pre-production.

12 Colors Project : Save the Universe

The universe is faced with an environmental crisis due to global warming and the insatiable greed of human nature leading to an age of glacial epoch losing the hope of light.

Ailee, wearing a red cloak, appears glimmeringly through the door cracks among the frozen trees of an ice forest. She walks by the cogwheel stairway and suddenly falls into the deep blue ocean.

While she is slowly immersing in the ocean, is approached by 12 different lights that wrap around her body.

Ailee and Aileeans will pave the way to the Music Universe with a spectacular metaverse experience that combines the XR effect throughout the whole performance.

Backers of the concert on Kickstarter will get the Aileean Digital ID Card, which has 1,024 different images of Ailee from the Multi Universe.

Aileeans are on a mission to help Ailee restore the fading hues of the ruined land of the cosmos as a consequence of an environmental catastrophe.

If every mission is a success, 12 distinct lights and colors representing 12 XR phases would be shown. Additionally, Aileeans who have earned a Digital ID Card are eligible to participate in the concert’s pre-production.

“I can’t believe it’s already been 10 years,” Ailee commented on September 9th, via her previous management organization THE L1VE, commemorating her 10-year debut anniversary.

Ailee expressed her gratefulness to the fans by saying, “I was fortunate to have supporters who have encouraged and loved me for a considerable time, because of which I have had such incredible days. To grow and become a better version of myself is the goal, and I always value your support and cherish you, dear supporters.”

Visit Linktree right away to reserve your tickets now and find more about this K-POP Queen, Ailee.

Free Ticket giveaway Event is on until Nov. 11th and 20 selected participants will win Ailee’s XR Concert ticket code on that day.

To learn more about the event and Ailee;s XR Concert detail  visit:

The History of Ailee

Ailee is a South Korean-American singer and songwriter born on May 30, 1989. She had already displayed and promoted her artistic skills before making her victorious launch on February 9, 2012. The artist started a band in 2006 while still a high school student and participated in underground music festivals. She performed at college events and shared her original songs for free online. Before moving to Korea, she appeared as “Ailee” in YouTube videos from 2007. On the “mzamyx3” Youtube page, which she probably started, one may hear Ailee’s musical performances around fifteen years ago. Her incredible voice and talent immediately drew a sizable audience and admiration.

Ailee, the K-Pop diva, will soon be putting on this exciting XR concert. In honor of Ailee’s 10-year anniversary, “Colors” will give fans the chance to meet her music through cutting-edge XR technology and a wide range of colors.


K-POP DIVA QUEEN AILEE’S XR Metaverse Concert Live on NOVEMBER 12TH 9PM (KST). Get your ticket from Interpark and you can check detail at AILEE.K-POPAVENUE.COM and join free ticket giveaway event !


Bopping it’s soulful and cool way to the top of the Europe 1 FM Digital playlist, listen out for ‘Tolérance Remix’ from ‘Claver Zyti’ Feat ‘Tequia’ on the playlist now. Tune in to hear it played at least once and hour all day and night.

We are super pleased to reveal a new single on our playlist, the pure power of ‘Armored Dawn’ and their hot new hit single ‘Tide’.

After a triumphant comeback with “S.O.S.”, Armored Dawn releases their newest single “Tides”, delivering even more heaviness. However, like the previous song, this current record also addresses deeper sentimental themes, such as melancholy. The launch took place on all major streaming platforms on September 30th.

The song was recorded at renowned Dharma Studios and mixed by renowned producer Chris Lord Alge (Muse, Green Day, Nickelback), while mastering was handled by Ted Jensen (Bring Me The Horizon, Evanescence, Metallica).

Listen to the new single “Tides”:

Armored Dawn’s current lineup is comprised of Eduardo Parras (vocals), Tiago de Moura and Timo Kaarkoski (guitars), Heros Trench (bass), Rafael Agostino (keyboards), and Chris Oliveira (drums).

Armored Dawn

Find a concept, work with the right partners and invest in the potential to pursue your dreams. From this perspective, Armored Dawn was born in 2014 and within a few years became relevant in the Brazilian metal scene. After all, they toured alongside great bands such as Saxon, Megadeth, Scorpions, Whitesnake, Europe, Hammerfall, Rhapsody, Fates Warning, Sabaton, Tarja Turunen, in addition to joining Motörboat, the cruise of the legendary band Motörhead.

The first two albums, Power of Warrior (2016) and Barbarians in Black (2018), were produced by important professionals such as Tommy Hansen (Helloween, Jorn), Bruno Agra (We Are Harlot) and Kato Khandwala (The Pretty Reckless, Papa Roach). The third, Viking Zombie, was produced, mixed and mastered by Rodrigo Oliveira and Heros Trench, who is a veteran producer, with more than 200 bands under his belt and a Latin Grammy winner.

Presenting a sophisticated and versatile metal, the group collects great works in music videos, such as the very special production “Sail Away” and “Beware of the Dragon”, shown in all movie theaters in Brazil during the trailers for the 2018 Aquaman movie. Besides, “Ragnarok” and “Animal Uncaged” (recorded at the Rockfest festival, at Allianz Parque, São Paulo, when they played to around 37,000 people) have millions of views on YouTube.

During the pandemic, they released the single “Stronger Together”, very well accepted by the fans, as well as the most recent, “S.O.S.”, which came out last July.

Check the official video:

The fourth album in Armored Dawn’s career is currently being produced by the band.



Europe 1 FM Digital is thrilled to announce that ‘Doctor Tongue’ are releasing a new single entitled ‘Aly May’. It’s out on 21 October, but you can hear it every day on our A-List throughout the day and night, this track is a winner. With stadium sized Rock, country and Pop sensibilities, it touches your heart while letting you rock out and feel the wonderful emotion of the classic sounding chorus, is this the new Maggie May ?. Make sure you stay tuned to hear it.

“Aly May” is the new single from Doctor Tongue. Embodying a genre-inclusive approach, Doctor Tongue emits an inimitable and irresistible frequency tuned into rock, alternative, funk, country, pop and the kitchen sink.  “Aly May”  was written through spontaneous jam sessions, and over time, it was formed into a complete song and produced by Mark McMaster and George Panagopoulos at Sanctuary Recording Studio. Aly May is the second release, it references the singer’s wife, and their beautiful story told in a universal context. It’s about a long journey of self-discovery, exploration, disappointment, struggle, faith and the personal humanity we all go through on our search through space and time before we finally find someone worth singing about. ‘Aly May” will be available on Oct 21st on all digital platforms and streaming services on Jetpack Records.

“We live in a world where everything is categorized; music has become data that must fit into a genre. Things are looped and edited, and the art of performance and true musical expression is being lost. Doctor Tongue shows how to break through and create something that lives in all of us .” 

 –New Music North 

Doctor Tongue is – George Panagopoulos [vocals, keys], Codi Maki [bass], Dylan Mathews [guitar], Tyrone Ramsey [Guitar], Mark McMaster [drums], and Tom Bigas [percusion].  The band members form a prolific writing force that has created dozens of songs quickly. The first two releases, “Below” and “Aly May,” speak to their boldness. They are not here to sell you anything; they are introducing listeners to an experience they a willing to share.  

“I am an audiophile; this is the first time I’ve been excited over a band playing songs like this in a very long time. Its sonic artistry with musicality and vocal performances that are something to write home about ” – Roots Rock Magazine

“Aly May” illuminates the scope of the band’s musical prowess both in songwriting and performance.  Ethereal, complex yet sublime cross-speaker guitars blend above a steady beat and give way to a silky verse and the first chorus that eventually gives way to a crescendo into the vocal performance that is seldom heard. 

About Jetpack Records and Sanctuary Recording Studio: Jetpack is an independent record label founded in Hamilton, Canada, in 2016 by Panagopoulos and McMaster. A few years before the two met, McMaster had purchased a century-old inner-city church and converted it into a premiere recording studio outfitted with top-shelf analog gear.  The two started writing and recording together, and by the end of 2014, they became partners in Downtown Hamilton’s Sanctuary Recording Studio. Bringing their collective vision to life, the two incorporate a hybrid of the best of old-school and modern technology and methods, both in the recording studio and Doctor Tongue’s songs. 

“People are going to fall in love with this band. Doctor Tongue is the real deal.”ROSS HOGARTH — Six-time grammy award-winning producer/engineer.




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Rodney Miller – A Champion for the People’s Music

New Jersey resident Rodney Miller had something cooking on his mind besides learning the culinary trade. It was his love for music that burned deep in his heart. He enjoyed every aspect about the craft from singing at church to songwriting. Influenced by the sounds of Stevie Wonder, the genius of Quincy Jones and country greats like Alabama and Kenny Rogers, Miller began to experiment with writing songs.

Miller began writing songs with lyrics that made a connection to audiences much like
his musical influences. With songs like I Made Choices in life, Like a Song and Until We Come Together, Miller wrote songs about love, peace, hope, inspiration, heartbreak, healing and lost love. It was important for Miller to be able to connect with song lovers of different experiences, backgrounds and musical genres. During his career Miller has performed at legendary venues such The Apollo Theater and Cami Hall in New York.

Taking his love for music to another level, Miller became a publisher and started his own company called All People’s Publishing. Now as president, Miller’s goal is to bring as many fans as possible together through music. Hard work has continued to pay off. Miller’s songs continue to get played worldwide and have been recorded by Nashville singer and actor Ramsey Kearney.

The label CMG Records Nashville also had success with Miller’s song Daddy’s Little Girl. With 13 years of experience as a songwriter, Miller has honed his craft and continues to focus on songs with inspirational melodies and moving lyrics. Miller is definitely on his way to becoming a champion for the people’s music.









Just arriving on the playlist: ‘Anthony Williams’ and his top new single ‘Manila’ + 5 other tracks off his new E.P

‘Sexy Habits’ from ‘John Bounce’ is now playing on the new music playlist.

The new single by Swiss DJ & Producer John Bounce is called “Sexy Habits”. A chilled, catchy song that just puts you in a good mood. The song is accompanied by a video clip about contemporary dance and traveling to nice Places in the World. So feel you happy now ! ! !

Video Clip will Aired in October between:
2 PM – 3 PM PST on MTV / 18th/19th/20th/21th/24th/25th……



New on the playlist – ‘IMA MESS’ from ‘Fre$hboy G’

Now on the daily playlist: Charleston Grant, better known by his stage name Fre$hboy G, is an American rapper from Camden, Arkansas. He is currently a resident in, Virginia Beach, Virginia. This Virginia Powerhouse creates a sound that motivates every listener to BO$$ Up. His metaphoric flow creates an undeniable ambiance and a whole vibe you can’t deny. Every song is guaranteed to be a bop. No matter where you’re from. Who you are!

Fre$hboy G online:

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